Hominy Valley Code of Conduct

UpdatedThursday September 1, 2016 byHominy Valley Recreation Park.

Hominy Valley Recreation Park supports youth athletic activities that are governed by a sense of fun, fair play and sportsmanship.  Each person associated with HVRP is responsible for his/her own behavior.  Parents and coaches should be aware that children mimic adult behavior.  Coaches or their designated representatives are responsible for their team, parents and spectators.  Positive support for the team and all coaches is appreciated and expected.  HVRP prides itself on the excellent conduct and sportsmanship of our players, Coaches, parents and spectators.

Sportsmanship examples that are expected of all our age levels are:

  1. Supporting and pulling for your team without taunting the opposing team, coaches or parents.
  2. Not throwing equipment after a potentially demoralizing play or official’s call.
  3. Sincere congratulatory handshake - win or lose - at the end of the game.

HVRP actively supports the game officials.  They are sometimes faced with difficult decisions which may be unpopular with one or both teams.  Verbal abuse toward officials by players, coaches, parents or spectators could result in said individual being asked to leave the playing area (a coach may also be sent off for the poor behavior of the spectators).  The officials will also have the authority to suspend play if a coach does not control his team of spectators.  Therefore, you can see that positive encouragement is vital to the team’s well-being.

Players/coaches/parents/spectators that are told to leave the playing area must leave immediately, out of sight of the playing area.  He/she may be banned from attending games for one additional game, or for a longer period of time, if so determined by an inquiry of the Sport Commissioner.  The head coach is responsible for reporting any such instances to the Sport Commissioner.  The Sport Commissioner may assess a one game suspension.  Longer suspensions, or settlements of disagreements, will be decided by a majority vote in an emergency meeting of a majority of the voting members of the HVRP Board of Directors/Commissioners.

All alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, and/or tobacco products are banned on all HVRP/Buncombe County property.

Parents/coaches understand they have a responsibility to attend all work days and/or periods thoughout each season requiring concessions and/or other task in assisting the team of their child.

Parents who agree to their child playing with HVRP, and players and coaches who agree to participate in sports for HVRP, accept the rules and regulations as stated above and agree that all actions must lead to the successful fulfillment of the objectives.  Remember that the players, coaches and officials will make mistakes, but the games are merely games which our children are playing for enjoyment and to learn their chosen sport.  We can still be competitive without crossing the line of decent behavior.  We must not lose sight of the fact that our children will follow our example and we should act accordingly.