Co-Commissioner: Wendy Barger

UpdatedSunday April 7, 2019 bySammi Bryant.

Hello, my name is Wendy Barger, and I am the co-commissioner for the Hominy Valley/Enka youth cheerleaders. Last year I was a supporting parent sitting in the stands but knew I wanted to be more involved. This will be my first year in a leadership role with the league.

As a child, I grew up cheering for Hominy Valley, Enka Middle and Enka High School and can’t wait to share the love and excitement I have for Cheerleading with our girls. This season I look forward to getting to know not only the girls but their parents as well while bringing everyone together as a team. My goal for this year is to show my love and support to all the sport teams in the community that Hominy Valley has to offer. Here’s to a wonderful year. GO BIG BLUE!!!!