Thank You Randy for 16 Years of Volunteer Service!

UpdatedSunday July 31, 2016 byHominy Valley Recreation Park.

Thank you Randy Hutchinson!

Hominy Valley Recreation Park would like to honor and thank Randy Hutchinson for his selfless and tireless dedication to our children and our Hominy Valley community!

At our June Board Meeting, Randy will be stepping down as Hominy Valley Recreation Park’s President.

From Randy:

Effective June 27th, 2016, I will be resigning as President of Hominy Valley.  After 16 years of being a part of so many kids’ lives that have grown into young men and women, it's just time to move on and let other parents be a part of HV.

I truly loved being around the thousands of great kids over the years.  It was an awesome experience watching so many kids grow up.  I can honestly say the best feeling I get is seeing kids that I was a part of their lives hug me and tell me they love me.

So, if I could offer any advice to parents and coaches, it is please enjoy these youth league years, because I assure you it's over before you know it.

Thanks to all the people who helped me over the years.  I really appreciate everything you guys did to make HV run. Thanks to all the parents, and thanks for letting me be a part of your kid’s lives. 


Randy Hutchinson has been the driving force behind the scenes of HVRP, and extremely active undertaking the enormous everyday responsibilities of keeping HVRP running.  His job has often gone unnoticed and unappreciated, but without Randy at the helm, HVRP wouldn’t have survived the past 16 years.

Randy has dedicated himself to preserving and protecting HVRP for future generations – well after his son Kacee aged out of our youth sports programs and moved on to an outstanding wrestling career with Enka High School - and well beyond.

Randy’s resignation marks the end of an era here at HVRP.  Hominy Valley Recreation Park would like to thank Randy from the bottom of every heart in our community for volunteering his precious time to serving us for 16 years as President of our youth sports programs.  The years you have worked here have been marked by unsurpassed efficiency and excellence.  You have been an inspiration to us all.

The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.

We will all come to appreciate you even more when we try to fill the void that you will leave.

We will miss you very much, and we wish you the very best in your new adventures!