Spring Ball Evaluation Schedule

Evaluations are March 7

UpdatedThursday May 13, 2021 byLena Richards.

Here’s all the details for this Saturday & the coming weeks... 
Softball Evaluations: 
10:00am: 8U; B-Field 
11:00am: 12U; A-Field 
1:00pm: 10U; B-Field
14U: Stay Tuned... several coaches can not make it on Saturday so other arrangements are being made. We’ll be in touch. 
Baseball Evaluations: 
8:30 am: 8U coaches meeting. 
9:00 am- 11:00am: 8u Players will come at their leisure. They can come anytime between these 2 hours.
10:00 am: 6u coaches will be picking teams. Coaches need to be present, players do not. 
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm: 10u players will come at their leisure... we are primarily looking for pitchers.
12U: Coaches will be picking Teams... players do not need to be present. 
Once teams are picked, Coaches will pick practice times & Team Colors & then will be in touch with all Players. 
Players will need their own: Helmet, Bat, Glove, Cleats. Coaches will inform Players of what color pants & belts they need, as well as socks for the Baseball players. 
Softball Players will receive a Jersey & Socks. 
Baseball Players will receive a Jersey & Hat. 
Due to Covid Restrictions: Absolutely No Players will be sharing their Batting Helmets, Bats, or Gloves. Please make sure your child has their own.